Teater Aftonstjärnan
Speltid ca
50 min
utan paus
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Biljettförsäljningen öppnar i augusti. (Ticket sales start in August.)


A night of stories that are already written within us.

A sculptor works on a big piece of wood. A little kid is standing next to him, watching him work. After a while, the sculptor drops his tools on the floor, and steps back to watch his sculpture. The kid does the same…only to discover that the sculpture is of his own face! He looks at the artist and says, surprised: ”How did you know I was in there?”

In this show Marko Mayerl (Strasbourg, France) and Matthieu Loos (Lyon, France) become sculptors that surprise the audience by revealing what is already there. In their patient, connected show, every motion that happens between them has been there all along, just waiting to be discovered.

Music by Mats Karlsson (Stockholm, Sweden)