Workshop Instructors

Improfest is proud to announce the participation of eleven instructors from four continents.

The response from the improv community was phenomenal; the number of instructor applications increased by 68% since last year. We received applications from 61 wonderful instructors, who pitched a total of 76 different workshops. We had to cut many, many promising workshops from this year’s program, but we are very happy about the ones we chose.

The instructors at Improfest Sweden are:

  • Nadine Antler from Tyskland
  • Matt Baram from Kanada
  • Nick Byrne from Australien
  • Andrea Gaetani from Italien
  • Glenn Hall from Australien
  • Inbal Lori from Israel
  • Daniel Malmqvist from Sverige
  • Rachael Mason from USA
  • Susan Messing from USA
  • Naomi Snieckus from Kanada
  • Rod Ben Zeev from Nederländerna

Read more about our workshops HERE.