30 Performers Revealed

Improfest Sweden is proud to reveal 30 artists from 14 countries and 4 continents. The following artists will perform at Improfest Sweden 2016:

1 2 3 Schtunk (Sweden)

The National Theater of the World (Canada)

Susan & Rachael are The Boys (USA)

Inbal Lori (Israel)

Big Bang (USA)

Bus Kai (Greece)

CBS Improv (Denmark/Finland)

City Impro (UK)

Coffee & Beer (Germany)

Det Andre Teatret (Norway)

Gbgimpro (Sweden)

Good Luck, Barbara! (Germany)

Hulaj (Poland)

Hybris (Sweden)

IMP (Finland)

Impram (Sweden)

Impro Act (Australia)

Impro Infini (France)

Improverket (Sweden)

Improvisation & Co (Sweden)

Improvisationsstudion (Sweden)

Improvisneyland (Romania)

International Theater Stockholm (Sweden)

JadaJada (Finland)

Lausungene (Norway)

The Playground Club (Germany)

Presens (Sweden)

Primalimpro (Sweden)

Scent ID (Sweden)

Stockholms Improvisationsteater (Sweden)

Read all about the shows here.