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Teater Aftonstjärnan

Playing Politics: Political Improv

Zaki Zikani

How tense do you get when you try to play a different race or nationality and you want it to be real and respectful? How awkward does it get when you start going back and forth about “politically incorrect” terms that get those pity, nervous, and timid laughs from the audience?"

The world is changing fast and we are not sure what’s wrong and what’s right anymore. What are you allowed and what aren’t you? When do you cross the border of disrespect?

Let’s explore techniques that help talk about everything, joke about anything, and not be hated by anyone for it! Come and learn how to say “Fuck your political correctness! Let me do my job and say something about the world.”

Learn how to be an artist who has a say and wants to make people think.

About the Teacher

Zaki Zikani is an Arab theater writer, director, trainer, and actor. He has used theater and improvisational theater to raise awareness, empower, and trigger political change in the Middle East for the past 10 years. Through his work, he has pushed the limits of political correctness and taboos using existing theater formats, scripts, and traditions as well as new works and techniques developed originally for the current pressing times in the region.