Susanna Ringkvist


Susanna Ringkvist is a licensed theater teacher at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg, and has a theater pedagogue degree from Sundsgårdens folkhögskola. Susanna has experience from many different forms of theatre and performing arts, such as scripted theatre, physical theatre, dance, clown, mask, and contact improvisation. She has trained in a variety of acting techniques, such as Stanislavskij, Brecht, Meisner and YAT. Susanna is passionate about bringing together different forms of theatre.

Susanna is one of the organizers of Improfest Sweden.


Working the Audience

31 August 13.00-16.00




Learn how to relate physically and emotionally to each other and to the audience.

This workshop focuses on using your physicality to communicate with the audience, so that they can feel, experience and respond even more. With concrete physical tools we will adjust and explore scenes with the purpose of opening up to the audience.

We will practice making scenes more engaging to the audience, and practice letting go of our fear of the ones we are actually performing for.

As improvisers, we are often focused on our partners and what happens there, but what about the audience? Do they feel included? Do they experience what we think they do? All improvisers sometimes feel that they’ve lost their audience. Therefore, we end up in our head, when we more than ever need to be in contact with our bodies, and communicate through them.

Stay connected to your body in order to reach your audience.

This workshop is presented in cooperation with Scenkonstakademin.

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