Stockholms Improvisationsteater


Stockholms Improvisationsteater is the oldest and largest improv group in Sweden, and has been playing and teaching since 1989. The current members, that will represent the theatre at Improfest, have been part of the group for 10-20 years. The group plays shows every weekend and has for the last few years put most of its focus on drama. Starting with Improvised Strindberg in 2012, a style has been developed that sometimes is quite heavy and dark, not avoiding the tragical parts of life with emphasis on strong characters and skillful acting.




Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is a chamber play where awkward silences, tension, and monologues that don´t fit in are some of the ingredients. Humor plays a significant role, but thecast does their best to create uncomfortable situations, unveil the dark side of a family relationships, and uncover people’s inner fear.

This show is an experiment, an attempt to push the boundaries of improv. How much dark drama can an audience (and the improvisers) handle? Is there even a limit?

Join Stockholms Improvisationsteater in their journey into the abyss!

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