These fun loving actors from Sweden are traveling together to get inspired by the world of improvisation. Maybe, if they are lucky, someone will get a little bit inspired by them.

Scenkonstakademin produces entertainment and offers high quality workshops with local and international teachers in Gothenburg. The group has performed in Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Wellington NZ, and Tallinn.





Nemesis is a show about the playful rivalry between two improvisers refusing to play it safe, challenging themselves and each other, taking risks and dealing with the consequences of delightful messy improvisation. 

Failure is always an option, keeping audiences on their toes. And the unexpected mistakes are often the high point of the performance. 

This is improvisation.

Nemesis plays with different versions of the same story, and even different versions of the same character. The actors are free to break the fourth wall at any time. The show consists of colorful characters, time jumps, surrealistic storytelling, and audience interaction. It is the combination of these elements that make the show unique.

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Prime Time

A team of international improvisers compete to create the best Friday night entertainment. Who is your favorite entertainment?

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