Luza & Pavone


Ilka Luza and Martina Pavone met at the Mitico theatersports conference in 2015 and they have been collaborating ever since. They are both interested in the physical aspects of improvisation, combining their musical training as well as many other techniques (viewpoints, writing your own material, monologues etc).

Ilka Luza is a German actress and singer. As well as focusing on work in the field of improv theater, she also does scripted shows (currently the two-women show „WunderWummen“ about superheroes), teaches acting and improv and gives trainings for companies. She has trained with the likes of Keith Johnstone, Randy Dixon, Frank Totino, Tracy Burns, Chris Wells, Jun Imai and many more. Her acting training got her in contact with improv theater many years ago ( her first teacher being Bernd Witte from Emscher-blut/Dortmund), resulting in the win of the German Theatersports Championship in 1996. Ilka is an excellent cook and enjoys eating. She lives in Düsseldorf/Germany with her Dutch husband Dave and their 8-year-old son. Her home theaters are the Harlekintheater in Tübingen and the placebotheater in Münster as well as the KRESCHtheater in Krefeld, where she also does scripted productions for children and young adults.

Martina Pavone is an Italian expat living in Istanbul, Turkey. Martina is a performer, a trainer and a social entrepreneur. As performer Martina works a singer, choir director, composer. Or actress, comedian and improviser. She is one of the very few in the world specialized in Vocal Improvisation and she goes around the world sharing her special method about it. With the formula #improvvocal she teaches how to combine vocal improvisation with improvisational theater. She is also facilitating workshops about gender and improv. She is part of the Larsen format in collaboration with Teatribu (Milano). She is part of the Mediterranean Improv Company called SABIR. She is part of AZOT IMPROV company from Istanbul. She is the director of NoteIstanbul an ImproMusical company. She is the Director of Istanbul International A Cappella Choir. She is also working for corporates with her own method: 'let's improv to improve' based on applied improvisation techniques. She has her own coaching program for women: 'WonderFULL Women'. As social entrepreneur Martina is the CEO of Onar Istanbul and NGO that supports Women, fights gender based violence and works for women's empowerment.




The Heart of Our City

A Made-Up Chronicle of Gothenburg

There will be lies. There will be love. There will be laughter. 

Listen to the heartbeat of our city. Follow two women on their journey through the history of Gothenburg — or the history as it should have been!

With the help of the audience this creative duo re-writes the story of our city. They dive deep into the chronicles, reopen old wounds, and rediscover true heroes.

This is a highly associative, musical show; moving through time; moving the audience.

Welcome to The Heart of Our City!

Welcome to Gothenburg!

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