Kaisa Kokko


Kaisa Kokko, an improviser, instructor and communication skills teacher, has learned, performed and taught improvised theater for more than 12 years and has more than 20 years of experience in scripted theatre. She has had the pleasure of teaching and performing improv in the United States, Peru, Costa Rica and all over Europe. Kaisa is the co-founder and teacher of Finlands first Finnish Improv Training Center ImproKampus and the co-artistic director of KujeImpro theater. Kaisa has taught improv for kids, teenagers and adults from different fields of life, performs regularly in two different improvisational theaters and has her own musical-duo. She also does a lot work in the field of applied improvisation and communication skills. 

Kaisa specializes in deep and meaningful connections, relationship based grounded scene work and musical improvisation. Kaisa has studied at the iO Chicago, Unexpected Productions in Seattle and under many great improv teachers all over the world. Kaisa firmly believes in the strengthening power of improv and is thrilled to be part of something that will — little by little — change the world!"


Getting Closer

3 September 13.00-16.00




We see wonderful scenes in films and on theater stages portraying (romantic) love, but for some reason this rarely happens in improv. Most of the time improvisers will avoid these situations or turn them into gaggy comedy. How can we express deep believable feelings on stage and get the audience to "aww" with us? How can we get more comfortable touching and being touched by each other? How will we beat the fears concerning intimacy on stage and let ourselves tell the full stories of our characters?

This workshop concentrates on honing our skills in love scenes, experiencing and exploring intimacy on stage and sharing our fears, insights and ideas on the theme. By creating a safe environment we have a wonderful possibility to learn more about getting closer.

This workshop is presented in cooperation with Scenkonstakademin.

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Stuck is a musical duo show performed by Kaisa Kokko and Julia Petäjä from Finland. Stuck tells a story of two women stuck in place and time. This will give them the chance to reflect their past and dream of the future. Audience is invited to come along on this journey that dives into the lives of these two women.

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