Kaisa & Julia


Kaisa and Julia have improvised together for six years, studied improv at the iO Chicago together and music at the University of Jyväskylä - onc again together! They have the pleasure of being part of one of the longest running improvisational theatres in Finland, Improvisaatioteatteri JOO! In addition to JOO! Kaisa and Julia have established their own duo, Kaisa & Julia, that concentrates on two-person shows with a musical twist. All the years spent as co-improvisers, student buddies, work colleagues and close friends forms a unique connection between these two. This makes them a dynamic duo, both as improvisers and singers.





Stuck is a musical duo show performed by Kaisa Kokko and Julia Petäjä from Finland. Stuck tells a story of two women stuck in place and time. This will give them the chance to reflect their past and dream of the future. Audience is invited to come along on this journey that dives into the lives of these two women.

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