John Pekkari


John Pekkari is an actor, director, and teacher. He is the head of education at Improverket improv theater, where he teaches and performs. John is co-owner of 2Lång theater venue, an entertainment venue in the middle of Gothenburg’s busy bar district.

He started with scripted acting 2003 and gradually fell in love with improvisation theater and is now obsessed with the idea that there has to more to this beautiful artform than what has already been discovered.


Elegant Transitions

2 September 13.00-16.00




Add some elegance to your transitions. 

Add some magic to your shows.

Find new exciting ways to transition dynamically from one scene to another. Make your edits an integrated part of the performance. How you end a scene, and start a new one can be fun and inspiring.

In this workshop, you will practice the noble art of transitions. Inspired by some comic books, the Argentinian director Omar Galvan, and some Latin American litterature giants — such as Nobel Prize Laureate Gabriel García Márquez — you will learn not only how to make your edits more elegant, but also how to add a pinch of extra magic to your performance.

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