Hall and the Bang


“The secret to humour is surprise.” Aristotle

Hall and the Bang is a surprising duo.

They first met in Germany 2014 unlocking a shared passion for pushing and being pushed, while discovering a deep mutual respect.

An actor from Perth, Australia. An actor from Göteborg, Sweden. Endless days. Never ending nights. Kangaroos. Reindeer. Vegemite. Ikea. 

A long distance collaboration. 13,780 kilometres to be precise.

For Victoria and Glenn, it’s this surprise that inspires their Playful Chaos. Trepidation mixed with Trust. They push each others’ buttons in a way that surprises not only their audience, but themselves. Their objective is to be present with each other in every moment, refusing to plan ahead and create stories, rather, to notice the stories that have been created. They are actors who feel first and reason why later.

They dig into the humorous and uncomfortable truth of human relationships and in their teaching, striving to empower people to empower themselves to be purposeful. 

The secret isn’t to discover what’s not there, but to notice and surprise each other with what’s there. Like a piece of flatpack IKEA furniture with no branding or instructions.

Victoria Bang is from Gothenburg and is a fulltime improviser, teacher and producer, both as a freelancer and at Gbgimpro - Gothenburg improvisationtheatre. She is one of Sweden's most hired improvisers abroad and regularily performs and teaches at various improvisation festivals and theatres around Europe and Australia. Victoria has worked as an actor from the beginning of her career for many years, before she decided to work only with impro.

Glenn Hall is from Perth, Australia and formed his company Just Improvise, in 2000. He has trained extensively as an actor, improviser and teacher, commencing training as an actor at the age of 12 in 1985 and now regularly performs and trains across Australia and around the world.  For the past 15 years he has been Improvisation and Acting lecturer at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.


I’ve Got the Power

1 September 13.00-17.00




In improvisation we’re trained to say ‘Yes’ in order to create and build and share.

There is power in saying ‘Yes’, but what if you’re improvising with someone who wants to refuse the ideas you create? Destroy the conversations and scenes you’re trying to build? Take what they can for themselves instead of sharing the moment?

If you see yourself as nice and polite, struggle with confrontation, and generally just don’t want to make a scene you won't say anything; you’ll continue to allow yourself to feel bad and they will continue to do what they’re doing because they have no reason to change.

They may be ignorant, apathetic or malevolent, but nothing will ever change, unless you change it. Maybe they won’t change, but you can change yourself.

This workshop is designed to give you the tools and techniques to show you that you have the power when your scene partner consistently:

  • ignores or blocks your ideas, making you feel inadequate/embarrassed/ashamed in order to make themselves look good/get laughs/win,
  • controls the scene by endowing your characters and their circumstances to make them victims/impotent/powerless, and
  • prioritises their fun at the expense of your fun

Victoria and Glenn will help you embrace your own spirit animal, by helping you take power over yourself, the situation and anyone killing your fun.

At the end of this workshop you’ll be singing “I’ve Got The Power" at the top of your lungs!

This workshop is presented in cooperation with Scenkonstakademin.

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