Anders Fors & Jason Geary


Two masters of improvisation.

Jason Geary has been improvising for 20 years; in that time he has performed all over the world, from Australia through Asia, the USA to the stages Europe. Jason has studied Improvisation with teachers like Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Randy Dixon and Dan O’Connor and story with Robert McKee.

Jason is a founding member and former Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne and has performed with the company for the last 15 years where he has created and directed many long and short form improvised formats. His format ‘How ‘Bout This?’ has been adopted and played internationally. He has been twice part of the National Theatre sports Championship winning team and was Awarded best and fairest of the National Championships 2010.

Jason has been teaching Improvisation for 15 years to both newcomers and experienced improvisers and is renowned for bringing the best out of his students no matter their experience and skill level. Jason has a passion for exploring the craft of improvisation, in all of its forms. Jason is a sought after teacher globally, he has taught in every Australian capital, Amsterdam, Seattle, Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Reunion Island, Hong Kong, Singapore, L.A, Stockholm, Rome, Milan and New Zealand.

Anders Fors is one of the most prolific improvisers from Sweden and has worked as the Artistic Director of Gbgimpro and as a teacher at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg.

Anders teaches and performs a wide range of different styles. The workshops are based on his own methods, philosophies and unique ways of approaching improvisation with an aim of combining techniques from all around the world and to push the art form in new unexplored directions. His own formats are being performed at several places around the globe.

Anders has studied improv at the IO in Chicago, the UCB and Magnet Theater in New York, Huge Theater in Minneapolis, Unexpected Productions in Seattle and at different festivals all over. Some of his teachers and influencers has been Randy Dixon, Patti Stiles, Joe Bill, Shawn Kinley, Jimmy Carrane, Rama Nicholas and more.





Drastic and fantastic improvisation from two true masters of the art form. This fast paced and playful show, this is improv at its most entertaining. Also quite strange.

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