Anders Fors


Anders Fors is one of the most prolific improvisers from Sweden and has worked as the Artistic Director of Gbgimpro and as a teacher at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg.

Anders teaches and performs a wide range of different styles. The workshops are based on his own methods, philosophies and unique ways of approaching improvisation with an aim of combining techniques from all around the world and to push the art form in new unexplored directions. His own formats are being performed at several places around the globe.

Anders has studied improv at the IO in Chicago, the UCB and Magnet Theater in New York, Huge Theater in Minneapolis, Unexpected Productions in Seattle and at different festivals all over. Some of his teachers and influencers has been Randy Dixon, Patti Stiles, Joe Bill, Shawn Kinley, Jimmy Carrane, Rama Nicholas and more.


Improv Evolution

1 September, 10.00-17.00




Let go of control and trust the process!

Improvisation is a process of trial and error, where performers blindly step into the unknown; a process without foresight that evolves and moves forward by looking backward; an evolutionary process with no intelligent designer, creator or person in control.

As performers, however, this process causes us to battle with our own impulses. We try to control information and the things that happens around us. We try to deliberately choose actions based on what we feel should happen, and we try to know the consequences of our moves before we make them. This battle and the investigation of the essence of the evolutionary process in improvisation is our focus in this workshop. 

Turn the disadvantage of not knowing on an individual level to an advantage for the ensemble. 

Explore how to solve this inner battle through a lot of challenging exercises. You will get personal feedback and several tools for improving your improvisation and scene work. We will rediscover the basics of improvisation from an advanced point of view.

Previous Experience: Previous improv experience required.

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Reckless Theatre’s signature form 4TRACK is wild, raucous, daring, brutal and beautiful. 

A Time Out New York Critic’s pick. Voted Best New Improv Show of 2007 by Time Out New York.

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